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Northern Beaches Pilates & Zumba® – Classes & Pricing

What class is best for me?

Our classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Each class runs for 1 hour.

Basic Pilates – entry level class, (ideal for new clients)
Basic / Intermediate Pilates – Multi-level class (new clients welcome)
Intermediate Pilates – Pilates experience necessary

Pilates/Cardio – 1/2 hour Aerobics and 1/2 hour Pilates (new clients welcome)
Pilates/Fitball – Pilates experience necessary
Zumba® – Fitness/Dance class – get fit, lose weight and have fun! (all welcome)

Avalon Recreation Centre

Day of the Week Time Class
Friday 9:30am Intermediate Pilates
Friday 10:30am Basic Pilates

Mona Vale Memorial Hall

Day of the Week Time Class
Tuesday 9:15am Intermediate Pilates
Wednesday 6:30pm Basic/Intermediate Pilates

Newport Community Centre

Day of the Week Time Class
Tuesday 7:00pm Basic/Intermediate Pilates
Wednesday 9:30am Pilates/Cardio
Wednesday 10:30am Pilates/Fitball

Narrabeen Surf Club

Day of the Week Time Class
Monday 6:00pm Basic/Intermediate Pilates
Monday 7:00pm Zumba®
Thursday 9:30am Basic/Intermediate Pilates

Northern Beaches Pilates and Zumba® – Term 1 2019 Fees

Term 1 2019 is a 10 week term which starts on Wednesday 30th January and finishes on Friday 12th April.

There will be no classes on 27th,28th,and 29th March 2019.

Fees are due in full in week 1 and are as follows:

1 Class per week $200

Zumba® $200

2 Classes per week $340

3 Classes per week $390

Family Discount (for 2 direct family members joining for the whole term) $340

Casual Class – $24