Northern Beaches Pilates & Zumba® – Classes & Pricing

What class is best for me?

Our classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Each class runs for 1 hour.

Basic Pilates – entry level class, (ideal for new clients)
Basic / Intermediate Pilates – Multi-level class (new clients welcome)
Intermediate Pilates – Pilates experience necessary

Pilates/Cardio – 1/2 hour Aerobics and 1/2 hour Pilates (new clients welcome)
Pilates/Fitball – Pilates experience necessary
Zumba® – Fitness/Dance class – get fit, lose weight and have fun! (all welcome)

Avalon Recreation Centre

Day of the Week Time Class
Friday 9:30am Intermediate Pilates
Friday 10:30am Basic Pilates

Mona Vale Memorial Hall

Day of the Week Time Class
Tuesday 9:15am Intermediate Pilates
Wednesday 6:30pm Basic/Intermediate Pilates

Newport Community Centre

Day of the Week Time Class
Tuesday 7:00pm Basic/Intermediate Pilates
Wednesday 9:30am Pilates/Cardio
Wednesday 10:30am Pilates/Fitball

Narrabeen Surf Club

Day of the Week Time Class
Monday 6:00pm Basic/Intermediate Pilates
Monday 7:00pm Zumba®
Thursday 9:30am Basic/Intermediate Pilates

Northern Beaches Pilates and Zumba® – Term 4 2019 Fees

Term 4 2019 is a 10 week term which starts on Monday 14th October and finishes on Friday 20th December.

Fees are due in full in week 1 and are as follows:

1 Class per week $200

Zumba® $200

2 Classes per week $340

3 Classes per week $390

Family Discount (for 2 direct family members joining for the whole term) $340

Casual Class – $24