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During my three-year-stay in Australia, Annebé’s Pilates classes where the one thing I would never miss. I discovered the joy of exercising and relaxation at the same time. The classes are excellent for your body and your mind. Annebé guides you through a great variety of exercises while making it easy at the same time to follow according to your own abilities. Her lessons are extremely professional, one 60 minute flow. Simultaneously, she has an eye on the body and the wellbeing of every single participant. My posture and awareness of body have improved a great deal. I have yet to find a Pilates class in Germany to equal Annebé’s.
The classes move my body into positions that feel right. I adopt postures that feel good and that I would not ordinarily pursue. It feels like everything is being released and beautifully stretched. Also there is a pleasant, friendly group atmosphere with humour and camaraderie. The group dynamic makes me work hard and focus. I find the classes good for relaxation and the focus makes it meditative. The instruction is always clear and fresh with new fun material.
Dr Paul Klemes, Local GP and cyclist
I have been doing Pilates with Annebé for about 12 years, and can say that this has been the only exercise I have consistently attended. Our exercises are usually slow & steady, with some fat-burning minutes in between. Annebé spends time telling us what muscles we are using which makes it easier for us to visualise & do the exercise correctly. We are put through our paces, but there is also a fabulous atmosphere and we do have a good laugh too.
Kathy Tripp, Stylist
I have found Pilates to be highly effective in my fitness regimen. The focus on strengthening and using my core has improved all my other forms of exercise. I served 23 years in the United States Marine Corps, much of it as a platoon leader. Marines are known for being physically fit, and their days include a variety of exercise from calisthenics and weight training, to running and martial arts. Had I known then what I do now about the effectiveness of Pilates, the Marines in my charge would have been using it regularly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this amazing form of fitness.
After a heart attack and by-pass surgery I needed help and certainly received it from Annebe.  The Cardio Pilates sessions have assisted me enormously, I’m fitter, understand my body better, motivated to exercise, classes are fun and I’ve made good friends.  A wonderful attribute Annebe possesses is her ability to monitor individual needs, she is very professional and I know Pilates has helped add to the quality of my life.
Margaret Scott, Book Conservator
Having severe degeneration of the right hip, Annebé’s Pilates classes provided me with improved core strength which helped to minimise the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing prior to getting a hip replacement. I was able to return to Pilates classes just 6 weeks after the operation. I felt confident in Annebé’s knowledge of my rehabilitation requirements. My surgeon and physiotherapists all commented on my quick recovery which I credit largely to Annebé’s Pilates classes.
Lindy Varjavandi, Secondary School Teacher
I have been attending Annebé’s Zumba classes at Narrabeen Surf Club since the beginning of the year and have found them to be lots of fun. The atmosphere is relaxed and non-competitive and the exercises can be tailored to individual fitness levels, which is really helpful. Annebé gives us valuable information along the way about which muscles we are targeting with particular exercises and tips that ensure we are using the correct techniques. She emphasises minimising damage to our joints while providing plenty of variety and a workout that really gets your heart pumping! I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall fitness and stamina since joining the classes and have found them to be both rewarding and stimulating.
Sarah Jones, Retail Manager
Both my daughter and I decided we needed to do something for fitness so we have been attending Zumba for 2 years. It’s a great environment to come to….not intimidating and with lovely friendly people. Annebé, as our instructor, is superb. She provides a fun class with the right amount of encouragement to keep us motivated, even though our brain works hard at keeping core body muscle groups, feet, legs and arms coordinated and doing the right movement at the right time. It’s a fun evening that I don’t like to miss!
Corrinne Renton, Researcher
If you have ever tried to do Pilates elsewhere and decided it was not for you, then think again and try Annebé’s classes. You will discover the joy of exercising in a relaxed atmosphere and happy environment as she safely guides you through movements to strengthen and tone all your muscles, and in particular your core, which is the key to maintaining a healthy and pain free body for life. Annebé offers options for each exercise so that all levels of ability are catered for and every person is assured of receiving personal attention to optimize results. You will emerge from Annebé’s classes invigorated and with a renewed respect for the way your body responds to her carefully planned and varied exercises providing you with the physical and mental strength to cope with any new challenge that arises in your day
Annette Potter, Mathematics Teacher