I have been attending Annebé’s classes for several years. The thing that impressed me most from the outset was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere brought about by her nature and character and the continuity of having the same instructor for all classes.

Annebé conducts classes in a range of areas including Pilates, aerobics and Zumba, suitable for both sexes, all ages and for members from beginners to experienced. She pays particular attention to members with body restrictions, injuries, pregnancy, co-ordination deficiencies etc, and provides alternatives and solutions for exercises where needed.

In addition to detailed instructions and demonstrations she discusses the reason for exercises and outcomes generated in an easy manner to follow. There seems to be a view that Pilates classes are mainly for women, however, in addition to me there are quite a few other males who regularly attend Annebé’s classes with outstanding results. I thoroughly enjoy every session I attend and have noticed improvements to my body in the above areas and particularly in my feeling of well being. I unreservedly recommend Northern Beaches Pilates for anyone interested in improving their body shape and lifestyle!