Janet Halliday, Educational Consultant and Grandmother of three2017-09-04T21:27:38+10:00

I live about 45-minutes’ drive from Avalon. I am happy to do the drive because Annebé is a wonderful instructor. Well qualified, she keeps up to date with developments in Pilates and is attentive to individual problems. She uses music where it helps with the rhythm of the exercise. She’s a great motivator and is good fun, too. The exercises and her sound advice have strengthened my muscles, improved my posture and balance, and stopped me from getting backache.

Lyndall Hutton, Teacher2017-09-04T21:26:55+10:00

Northern Beaches Pilates offers professional, personalised classes suitable for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. Annebé’s many years of training and her ability to effectively teach are evident in the outstanding results she achieves with her clients and the satisfied conversation at the end of every class.

Her patient, and appropriately paced, guidance of her very mixed clientele 16-80 year olds, the fit to the injured is also testimony to her significant personal skills, which leave even the least confident exerciser feeling confident while challenging those experienced in Pilates.

Lorraine Hackett – Beauty Therapist2017-09-04T05:38:06+10:00

Whilst exercising it is important to know which exercises and movements we are using  that play an important role in supporting the core.(As explained in class). I find the sessions enjoyable which also leave me feeling energised.

Valerie Marsh, Publicist2017-09-04T05:32:35+10:00

I’ve been doing Pilates with Annebé before, during and after pregnancy. I love the professional but relaxed atmosphere, and Annebé knows how to get me to work that bit harder, which is definitely what I need! When I was pregnant, I felt very comfortable in the class and had full trust in Annebé that the alternative versions of the exercises were safe for the baby and I. Post pregnancy I’m still enjoying Pilates and continue to feel great benefits, particularly in my back and shoulders.

Amanda Simpson, Office Manager2017-09-04T05:32:07+10:00

Monday morning Zumba class is always hard to get motivated after the weekend but it is definitely worth it as I have lots of energy afterwards. Also I feel very positive as the class is full of laughs. The music is lively and a great way to start the week

Anne Ravenscroft, Accountant and Dog Walker2017-09-04T05:31:37+10:00

Before attending Annebé’s Pilates classes, I could not stick at a particular exercise program, now I love attending ball and mat Pilates classes twice weekly.

My posture is the best it has been, which I didn’t think would be possible in my 40’s. This has resulted in less back and neck problems. As well as building physical strength and flexibility, we enjoy lots of laughs and friendship due to Annebé’s wonderful caring and inclusive teaching style.

Annebé pays personal attention to all class members to ensure they work safely at their own level and constantly updates her training methods so that her classes are never boring and we benefit from improved techniques.

Alison Lyon2017-09-04T05:30:56+10:00

For several years I was suffering from lower back pains and found I was constantly visiting my local Physiotherapist for treatment. He advised me to take up Pilates and five years later I am still attending Annebé classes. I have no signs of back problems, feel great and most importantly don’t spend money on visits to my Physiotherapist.

What more can I say – Pilates works!!!

Tricia Carpenter, Stylist2017-09-04T05:30:19+10:00

Through nerve damage to my back, legs and feet from harsh exertion during home renovations 3 years ago I constantly suffer with aches, pains and numbness. Pilates is what keeps me mobile and with Annebé’s guidance I am able to cope from week to week.

Julie Maslen2017-09-04T05:29:38+10:00

I have been attending Annebé’s Zumba class since its inception. I was worried that for someone who can’t dance to save myself I would be way out of my comfort zone. I was also worried that my ageing body parts would be sorely tested (excuse the pun!) Nothing could be further from the truth… The choreography caters to all levels of fitness and coordination.

I can’t wait for my class first thing Monday morning to put a smile on my face as well as a healthy, sweaty sheen! The music is fantastic, the atmosphere is great, and everyone, young and old, has a ball

Kirsten Larsen, Small Business Owner and Traveller2017-09-04T05:28:59+10:00

I am sitting in Europe writing this. One of the things I miss the most when I am travelling is Annebé’s Pilates classes. They really do make you feel good and strong. Since I started doing Pilates a few years ago, I have had much less problems with my back. I am now an “addict” doing three classes a week when I can.

The classes are small enough for Annebé to give personal attention, and they are also fun and have a happy atmosphere.

Gill Dunwoodie, Mother of Two2017-09-04T05:28:12+10:00

I attend on a Friday morning & have to say that stretching all those stressed & tired muscles at the end of the week is fantastic, sets me up really well for the weekend. I’ve been attending Pilates for over 2 years now and I’m never bored as Annebé makes it interesting and challenging!

Karen Crosbie, Office Manager, Homeland Security Company2017-09-04T05:27:40+10:00

Lovely teacher, Great Music, Good Company, Fantastic Views, Good Workout… ZUMBA!!

Julia Joiner, Domestic Engineer2017-09-04T05:26:55+10:00

Even though I was young and fit I used to suffer from a weak and very achy lower back. It wasn’t until a few months after starting Pilates that I noticed I didn’t have the pain anymore. Even when I changed jobs and was working with my husband Matt on the building sites my back was fine. I had a great pregnancy without the sore backs girls talk of! If only it carried through to my labour I would have been laughing…..Thank you Annebé for all that you have taught me. It is very clear to see that it is not just a business for you, you really do care.

Julie Hickson, Artist2017-09-04T05:25:13+10:00

After a few years of doing different Pilates classes – I’m so excited about Northern Beaches Pilates and Annebé. I never feel better than when I’m doing 2 classes a week and enjoying a slimmer middle!

Vicki, Le Bas Teacher2017-09-04T05:24:02+10:00

Pilates is a lifetime commitment to achieving better health and self-esteem. After doing it for 10 years, I can honestly say that I’m in better shape now and able to tackle any challenge thrown my way

Corrinne Renton, Researcher2017-09-04T05:22:29+10:00

Both my daughter and I decided we needed to do something for fitness so we have been attending Zumba for 2 years. It’s a great environment to come to….not intimidating and with lovely friendly people. Annebé, as our instructor, is superb. She provides a fun class with the right amount of encouragement to keep us motivated, even though our brain works hard at keeping core body muscle groups, feet, legs and arms coordinated and doing the right movement at the right time. It’s a fun evening that I don’t like to miss!

Margaret Scott , Book Conservator2017-08-29T04:49:40+10:00

After a heart attack and by-pass surgery I needed help and certainly received it from Annebe.  The Cardio Pilates sessions have assisted me enormously, I’m fitter, understand my body better, motivated to exercise, classes are fun and I’ve made good friends.  A wonderful attribute Annebe possesses is her ability to monitor individual needs, she is very professional and I know Pilates has helped add to the quality of my life.

Heidi Alpha, Secondary Teacher (English & French)2017-08-29T04:48:19+10:00

During my three-year-stay in Australia, Annebé’s Pilates classes where the one thing I would never miss. I discovered the joy of exercising and relaxation at the same time. The classes are excellent for your body and your mind. Annebé guides you through a great variety of exercises while making it easy at the same time to follow according to your own abilities.

Her lessons are extremely professional, one 60 minute flow. Simultaneously, she has an eye on the body and the wellbeing of every single participant. My posture and awareness of body have improved a great deal. I have yet to find a Pilates class in Germany to equal Annebé’s.

Bill Elliott, Poem2017-08-28T04:56:20+10:00

Pilates is flexibility
Pilates is fun
Pilates is a flatter tummy
Pilates is for everyone
It promotes finesse
It’s the fountain of youth
A fragrant chi ball
A core of steel
A fortress to protect the spine
Pilates is a passion of mine

Val Binney – Registered Nurse2017-08-25T05:08:13+10:00

If you want to feel good about your body and what it can do, have fun, meet nice people, feel younger you can’t go past Annebé’s classes.

Julia de Berg, Community Manager/Mother/Grandmother2017-08-25T05:07:25+10:00

Such a happy positive place, the hour just flies by and I feel so much fitter.

Ray Drury, Semi Retired2017-08-25T05:05:37+10:00

I have been attending Annebé’s classes for several years. The thing that impressed me most from the outset was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere brought about by her nature and character and the continuity of having the same instructor for all classes.

Annebé conducts classes in a range of areas including Pilates, aerobics and Zumba, suitable for both sexes, all ages and for members from beginners to experienced. She pays particular attention to members with body restrictions, injuries, pregnancy, co-ordination deficiencies etc, and provides alternatives and solutions for exercises where needed.

In addition to detailed instructions and demonstrations she discusses the reason for exercises and outcomes generated in an easy manner to follow. There seems to be a view that Pilates classes are mainly for women, however, in addition to me there are quite a few other males who regularly attend Annebé’s classes with outstanding results. I thoroughly enjoy every session I attend and have noticed improvements to my body in the above areas and particularly in my feeling of well being. I unreservedly recommend Northern Beaches Pilates for anyone interested in improving their body shape and lifestyle!

Sue Martin, Active Retiree2017-08-25T05:04:39+10:00

As a retired person in her 60s, I enjoy Annebé’s classes for a number of reasons. I knew nothing about Pilates and was pleasantly surprised by the rigour. Annebé is extremely professional. She makes a point of learning everyone’s name almost immediately and familiarises herself with any health issues mentioned by class members.

Annebé always explains the reasons for any exercise and then demonstrates the exercise with clearly expressed instructions so that even newcomers can keep up. She then walks around the class checking everyone and advising individuals if she feels an exercise does not suit a person’s health issues. Annebé is on the go for the entire 60 minutes. As you can tell by the smiles at the end of the class, everyone feels as I do, that we have had a good and enjoyable workout

Lyn G2017-08-25T05:03:37+10:00

Annebé’s Pilates classes are an hour of discipline where I focus on how my body feels and works. It has been a great help in complementing other treatment for a weak and worn spine by strengthening the supporting muscles. The complete work out helps to maintain flexibility and balance and is conducted in a friendly pleasant atmosphere – not without humour and sometimes dolphins. I actually come away feeling quite relaxed and ready to face the day.

Annette Potter, Mathematics Teacher2017-08-25T05:03:17+10:00

‘If you have ever tried to do Pilates elsewhere and decided it was not for you, then think again and try Annebé’s classes. You will discover the joy of exercising in a relaxed atmosphere and happy environment as she safely guides you through movements to strengthen and tone all your muscles, and in particular your core, which is the key to maintaining a healthy and pain free body for life.

Annebé offers options for each exercise so that all levels of ability are catered for and every person is assured of receiving personal attention to optimize results. You will emerge from Annebé’s classes invigorated and with a renewed respect for the way your body responds to her carefully planned and varied exercises providing you with the physical and mental strength to cope with any new challenge that arises in your day

Sarah Jones , Retail Manager2017-08-25T05:02:56+10:00

I have been attending Annebé’s Zumba classes at Narrabeen Surf Club since the beginning of the year and have found them to be lots of fun. The atmosphere is relaxed and non-competitive and the exercises can be tailored to individual fitness levels, which is really helpful. Annebé gives us valuable information along the way about which muscles we are targeting with particular exercises and tips that ensure we are using the correct techniques.

She emphasises minimising damage to our joints while providing plenty of variety and a workout that really gets your heart pumping! I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall fitness and stamina since joining the classes and have found them to be both rewarding and stimulating.

Kathy Tripp, Stylist2017-08-25T05:02:41+10:00

I have been doing Pilates with Annebé for about 12 years, and can say that this has been the only exercise I have consistently attended. Our exercises are usually slow & steady, with some fat-burning minutes in between. Annebé spends time telling us what muscles we are using which makes it easier for us to visualise & do the exercise correctly. We are put through our paces, but there is also a fabulous atmosphere and we do have a good laugh too.

Trish Tilley2017-08-25T05:00:32+10:00

I’ve been coming to Pilates for some time and have gradually become stronger and more flexible. However after a complete knee reconstruction last November I found the classes a valuable part of my recovery. I started again shortly after surgery with some guided adjustments and continued throughout rehabilitation which also included Zumba.

Irene Newport, Semi retired Developer2017-08-25T04:59:39+10:00

Annebé’s Pilates is my way to keep fit for life. I cannot live without the classes. Only Annebé’s Pilates:

  1. Helped me recover from my 3 bouts of bronchitis this year by exercises working serratus anterior, trapezius and rhomboids.
  2. Helps my swimming by developing my deltoids, trapezius, triceps and rhomboids as well as latissimus dorsi, gluteus medius and maximus and finally obliques.
  3. Helps my golf using all of the above muscle groups as well as balance and tempo with the exercises set to music.

Annebé’s classes are the most complete, extensive and thoughtful exercise classes on earth!!!!! Many thanks

Natalie Oxenham, Human Resources Consultant2017-08-25T04:58:59+10:00

Having tried a number of different Pilates classes before finding Annebé some 7+ years ago, I highly recommend Northern Beaches Pilates. Annebé does a great job of keeping the classes fresh, with some regular stretches and exercises mixed in with variations and different apparatus. I really look forward to my weekly class and feel well stretched, refreshed and stand that little bit taller as I head home after a session with Annebé

Lindy Varjavandi , Secondary School Teacher2017-08-25T04:58:43+10:00

Having severe degeneration of the right hip, Annebé’s Pilates classes provided me with improved core strength which helped to minimise the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing prior to getting a hip replacement. I was able to return to Pilates classes just 6 weeks after the operation. I felt confident in Annebé’s knowledge of my rehabilitation requirements.

My surgeon and physiotherapists all commented on my quick recovery which I credit largely to Annebé’s Pilates classes.

Jeanette Madden, High School Teacher2017-08-25T04:58:23+10:00

I am a complete convert to Pilates after attending Annebé’s classes. It is the first time I’ve kept at an exercise programme. Annebé is welcoming and treats you as an individual, ensuring you understand and enjoy your exercises.

Di Gordon, Professional dog minder in caring home environment2017-08-25T04:57:54+10:00

I recently joined Annebé’s class after a long break due to an injury and am loving the workout. Annebé not only pushes us to our achievement but brings fun into the class as well with her sense of humour.

Joy Rae-Hughes, Photographer2017-08-25T04:56:41+10:00

Thank you Annebé for your wonderful classes! I love your personal touch and I definitely feel an improvement in my core strength and muscle tone.

Neil Austen, Retired Electrical Engineer2017-08-25T04:56:00+10:00

I have always been physically active and enjoy many sports including cycling, swimming, golf and tennis. However, when I turned 68, I started getting pain in my lower back. My wife had attended Annebés classes for several years and suggested that I come along. At the first class Annebé noted that I was fit, but my core stomach muscles were not strong.

After just a few weeks of Pilates I started to notice a marked improvement with my back. I have attended Annebé’s classes for 3 years and now have no lower back pain problems. I am sure that the flexibility that you get from Pilates is great for playing  many sports but particularly golf. As well, Annebés Pilates sessions are never boring because of the varied program and they are informative because of the knowledge she imparts.

Melissa Mitchell, Principal Dynamite Premiere Academy2017-09-24T23:33:43+10:00

As a former professional Ballerina I cannot express enough the enjoyment I get out of my Pilates class every week. Annebé has helped me immensely with my core strength and toning of my muscles. The classes are fun, in a relaxed environment and I get a great workout. I recommend Annebé’s classes to anyone who wants to look great and feel fantastic. Thanks Annebé for a fabulous year!!!!

Dynamite Premiere Academy – www.dynamitepa.com.au

Dr Paul Klemes, Local GP and Cyclist2017-08-25T04:55:03+10:00

The classes move my body into positions that feel right. I adopt postures that feel good and that I would not ordinarily pursue. It feels like everything is being released and beautifully stretched. Also there is a pleasant, friendly group atmosphere with humour and camaraderie. The group dynamic makes me work hard and focus. I find the classes good for relaxation and the focus makes it meditative. The instruction is always clear and fresh with new fun material.

Lauren LaVine, Chief Warrant Officer, United States Marine Corps (retired)2017-08-25T04:54:25+10:00

I have found Pilates to be highly effective in my fitness regimen. The focus on strengthening and using my core has improved all my other forms of exercise. I served 23 years in the United States Marine Corps, much of it as a platoon leader. Marines are known for being physically fit, and their days include a variety of exercise from calisthenics and weight training, to running and martial arts. Had I known then what I do now about the effectiveness of Pilates, the Marines in my charge would have been using it regularly.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this amazing form of fitness.

Veronica Krilich, Retired2017-08-25T04:49:24+10:00

Thank you Annebé for a fun class with lots of good music. At times I get a bit lazy, but make myself go to Pilates, I always feel better for it. I always had sciatica when I was younger, since Pilates I hardly have a twinge. It keeps me feeling flexible. I hope I can keep it up for a long time yet.

Rachael Harries, Office Manager2017-08-25T04:49:07+10:00

Annebe’s Pilates classes are wonderful, she offers personal and professional encouragement in a warm and informative manner. Her classes are fun and varied, I always leave knowing I’ve had a great core workout and love the improvement in my body strength and awareness.

I would happily recommend Annebe’s classes to anyone looking to improve their posture and strength in a happy friendly environment.

Kat Williamson, Legal Secretary2017-08-25T04:48:48+10:00

I suffer from lower back pain but Annebe’s Pilates class has made a huge difference. I feel stronger and taller, even my chiropractor has noticed the improvement in my core. I love the fun and relaxed feel of the class, and the variety of workouts we do (especially the chi ball classes). I would recommend this class to everyone.

Valerie Marsh, Publicist2017-08-25T04:47:47+10:00

I’ve been doing Pilates with Annebé before, during and after pregnancy. I love the professional but relaxed atmosphere, and Annebé knows how to get me to work that bit harder, which is definitely what I need!

When I was pregnant, I felt very comfortable in the class and had full trust in Annebé that the alternative versions of the exercises were safe for the baby and I. Post pregnancy I’m still enjoying Pilates and continue to feel great benefits, particularly in my back and shoulders.

Kerrie Miller, Domestic Duties2017-08-25T04:47:26+10:00

Annebé is able to achieve a wonderful balance between achieving results and having a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Jennie Sutton, Retired Nurse2017-08-25T04:47:08+10:00

After slipping a disc and months of physiotherapy I thought my days of exercising were over until I found Pilates. I am amazed at what I can do with the core strength gained by Pilates. I love the classes and really enjoy the balance of Cardio/Pilates

Skye Hodges, Classical Ballet Teacher – Cecetti Method2017-08-25T04:46:50+10:00

Zumba is a great work out which helps my stamina for dancing! Annebé is amazing with all her movements that are fun and energetic! I love the music!

Julie Kardash, Science Laboratory Technician at NBCS2017-08-25T04:46:32+10:00

I am loving the Cardio Pilates classes. There is enough variety to keep it interesting. I love the balance of a cardio workout followed by floor core work

Ada Barden, Office Manager2017-08-25T04:46:14+10:00

Pilates with Annebé is most enjoyable. She has an amazing ability to remember everyone’s name and makes her way around the room giving all her personal attention. Pilates has improved my core strength and posture

Nicole Lavine, Owner of Nicole Tatar Beauty Therapy2017-08-25T04:45:56+10:00

Definitely the best Pilates class I’ve done. Annebé is always encouraging and the workout challenging. I feel fantastic after class.

Jenny Lohri, ‘Executive Officer, HRIA Ltd & EWPA Inc. (Retired)2017-08-25T04:45:19+10:00

I’ve been attending Annebe’s Pilates class once a week for many years and I’m addicted. Pilates keeps me in shape, strong and feeling alive plus after my Pilates workout I have the best night’s sleep.  Don’t ever retire Annebe as I would be lost without my Pilates ‘fix’ once a week!!  Thank you.

Lorraine Hackett, Beauty Therapist2017-08-25T04:42:42+10:00

Whilst exercising it is important to know which exercises and movements we are using that play an important role in supporting the core.(As explained in class). I find the sessions enjoyable which also leave me feeling energised.

Natasha Kavanagh, Musician/Performer2017-08-24T05:07:08+10:00

Since starting Annebé’s classes three years ago, not only have I gained a lot more strength and fitness physically, I have a far better understanding of how my muscles and the body itself work. Annebé’s teaching, makes it so much more interesting to learn about your own body and each class always brings something new and fun to try. Another thing that stands out is the NBP community. Classes are so warm, welcoming and full of friendly faces. As a performer Annebé ‘s classes have been a valuable tool in gaining strength and body awareness and her passion for Pilates is definitely contagious!

Lynne Williams2017-08-24T05:06:36+10:00

I have attended Annebé’s Pilates classes for several years now. After a day at work with bad computer posture, the relief I feel in my neck and shoulders is wonderful after my classes. Annebé gives personal attention to everyone to ensure that the exercises are being carried out in a safe and correct manner. She offers a lot of variety with ChiBalls, magic circles, fit balls and even drum sticks. I could not attend class last term and have really noticed how much stiffer I am. I am looking forward to returning this week. I always have the best sleep on Pilates night!

Diane Gunns, Flight Attendant2017-08-24T05:06:10+10:00

What a perfect way to start the week. Monday morning overlooking Narrabeen beach – fresh air, sparkling sea, on occasion whales and dolphins – and then Annebé starts that great Latin American music. The best Zumba class that I could imagine. Annebé is always enthusiastic and innovative catering for all levels of fitness and rhythm (or lack of it!). For me, well worth the drive from North Ryde!

Annette Brooks2017-08-24T05:03:54+10:00

I love the Zumba class…it’s not only good for the body but, psychologically, it provides a great uplift and kick start to the week! I like the combination of Zumba dance moves, aerobics and weights. It feels like a total body workout and gets me sweating in the space of one hour.

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